Accounting and taxation services

We provide our Clients with complete accounting and taxation services in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements and internal regulations of our Clients, and we ensure
up-to-date books and continuous information flow to Clients. Necessary administrative procedures are performed either in our own system or in our Clients' ERP system.

This group of services includes the following:

- complete bookkeeping in general ledger and sub ledgers, keeping books and accounting records up-to-date in line with statutory Slovak regulations and performing all related administration tasks (recording purchase and sales invoices, fixed asset registers),
- preparing and filing various regular tax returns and reports as required by Slovak law,
- representing our Clients at various (tax) authorities and keeping contact with the local authorities,
- preparing statistics and managing tax accounts,
- performing year-end closing work, preparing and filing year-end statutory financial statements in accordance with Slovak regulations,
- cooperating with auditors and supporting the auditors' work,
- keeping the management of our Clients informed on changes in relevant legislation, and consulting with the Client on potential effects of these changes.

Payroll services

We provide comprehensive payroll services. Beside managing the daily administration tasks we keep our Clients updated and informed about relevant payroll related legal and financial changes and represent our Clients at authorities.

- mapping and analyzing payroll and related work processes, and making recommendation on how to reduce potential risks,
- administration of employee entries/exits,
- overall monthly payroll and social security administration in accordance with the effective Slovak legislation, and internal regulations and systems of the Client (preparing individual payroll ledgers on net salaries and payroll related payables, etc.),
- producing lists for the bank transfer of net salaries and payroll-related payables,
- dealing with the issues of pension funds, health care and social security institutions,
- preparing electronic and/or hardcopy tax and social security returns and data sheets,
- generating general ledger posting for all payroll and social security related accounts in accordance with internal systems and requirements of the Client,
- preparing returns and reports for relevant authorities.

Financial and general administration services

With the help of its professional staff, Finacont Slovakia s.r.o. is able to manage the financial administration of its Clients comprehensively and efficiently.
In each case the processes and methods applied are tailored to the individual needs of the Clients.

This service line includes but is not limited to the following activities:

- preparing A/R invoices on the basis of data provided by our Clients,
- operating the A/P registration, approval and authorization process,
- preparing and arranging for the approval of bank transfer list,
- fulfillment of bank transactions through bank terminals and internet banking systems,
- A/R registers, follow-up and collection of outstanding invoices and taking legal action if necessary,
- A/R and A/P reconciliation,
- preparing daily financial report,
- performing administrative tasks related to bank certificates,
- participating in the collection of documentation necessary for bank loan applications,
- managing petty cash (HUF or foreign currency),
- providing various other financial administration activities.

Reporting and controlling services

Assessment of financial results and their comparison with business plans from time to time are essential for the effective and efficient operation of companies, for decision-making and controlling procedures. Reporting and controlling services also support strategic business planning. We prepare financial and accounting data in accordance with details, formats and timeline required by our Clients and also take into consideration the specialties of the Clients' operation. As we possess expertise in production sector, we are ready to perform the comprehensive, factory-level controlling function of production companies as well.

This service line includes:

- preparing monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports,
- preparing annual budgets and forecasts,
- preparing cash-flow and liquidity schedules,
- preparing cost-controlling reports, cost-analysis, and comparative reports.

Tax advisory services

Our colleagues are available for our Clients to deal with their daily, general as well as special taxation issues. Our service portfolio includes comprehensive tax advisory services ranging from the introduction of the Slovak taxation system to tax optimization.

This service line includes the following advisory activities:

- tax advisory on unique tax issues or corporate group related topics,
- tax-optimization both in terms of corporate and payroll related taxes,
- financial and business advisory,
- mapping tax risks and full-scope tax due diligence,
- tax planning, international tax planning,
- tax consultation on the interpretation of tax impact of certain transactions,
- tax and accounting consultation relating to the adoption of legal changes.

Incorporation and corporate registration services

We offer to assist our
Clients with providing comprehensive incorporation and corporate registration services. We provide legal and tax advices at the needs analysis to make our Clients' decision easier. Furthermore, our services include managing the whole incorporation process, preparing all necessary contracts and other documents, performing the administration tasks at the
court of registration and other local authorities, and requesting tax number.

Domiciliation services

We provide our Clients with registered seat and mailing address. As a delivery agent we accept and forward incoming (postal or electronic) mails, deliver outgoing mails, forward
electronic documents or telephone messages and support our Clients' core activity.